>> Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Malware Attack Targeting Facebook Users

A new Malware variation attacks against Facebook users; Italian scientists have found a new malware which use old tricks for spying on sensible login data from careless users. The actual malware attacks Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox users and proceeds with a well-known method for spreading via Social Media giant, Facebook.

Facebook users get a notification that they were tagged in a video. If the innocent user follows the link he comes to a website where an update of the multimedia plugin is required in order for the user to view the video. If the user installs the plugin, the video is not shown. Instead a Trojaner is installed which spies out the User’s data which is saved in the browser.

Many internet users save their access data for online portals such as Facebook, mail platforms or online-shopping websites in their browser. A plugin can easily spy out this personal information and send it to the attacker. With the Facebook access data he has also the possibility to send the same notifications to the friends of the user.

It is not easy to delete the Trojaner from the browser. The Trojaner blocks access to the browser settings and prevents the opening of websites from known Anti-Virus manufactures.

MSecure Data Labs strongly recommends for your security, to install only browser plugins from trusted manufactures. Also a good quality Anti-Virus Software is an absolute must.